Edit Properties on a MoviePipelineExecutorJob | python | UE4.27

I am having trouble creating a MoviePipelineExecutorJob in python. I have successfully created a blank one and added it to the render queue. However when I try and edit the render config or any of the attributes it gives me a type error which I find weird as it contradicts what is in the documentation MoviePipelineExecutorJob Documentation.

here is the function I am using to create my render (executor) job

def create_executor_job(jobname, mapSP, mastersequenceSP):
    config = GTV_sequencetools.GTVgetreferencetorenderconfig() # gets the MoviePipelineMasterConfig from a hard coded asset path
    executorjob = unreal.MoviePipelineExecutorJob
    # The stuff from here down isn't working for some reason.
    executorjob.set_configuration(config) # config is a MoviePipelineMasterConfig
    executorjob.set_editor_property('job_name', jobname) # jobname is a string
    executorjob.set_editor_property('map', mapSP) # is a soft object path to a level in the content browser
    executorjob.set_editor_property('sequence', mastersequenceSP) # is a soft object path to a level sequence

    return executorjob

I get this error:

TypeError: descriptor ‘set_configuration’ requires a ‘MoviePipelineExecutorJob’ object but received a ‘MoviePipelineMasterConfig’

But the documentation states that it takes a MoviePipelineMasterConfig.

Similarly if I comment out the set_configuration line I get an error saying this on the executorjob.set_editor_property(‘job_name’, jobname) line:

TypeError: descriptor ‘set_editor_property’ requires a ‘_ObjectBase’ object but received a ‘str’

which the documentation states needs to be a string.

I am very confused by this and if anyone has any idea what’s going on, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

So I figured this out within minutes of posting, haha. Turns out you need to add the job to the queue first and then edit it from there. you can’t set up the properties before it is added to the render queue.

Hope this helps someone.