Edit Pose IK retargeting breaks joints. See video. Why?

Edit Pose IK retargeting breaks joints. See video. Why??? Seems like the bones rotate correctly only 2 or 3 times… then any rotation after it deforms the character and joint rotation. It looks like Once i reset pose I have about 10 or so rotations before it starts snapping rotations and skewing the mesh / joint rotations…

This is happening with metahuman skeleton. Also does it on any joint. I just tried it on wrist and it destroys the entire chain below the wrist if i do it with the wrist.

Maybe it’s a bug where the animation playing is updating the bone after every change. Maybe Edit the pose without an animation loaded up and see if you get the same result?

I’m having the same problem with the wrist of my character. If I adjust the wrist too much all the bones align horizontally and won’t move. I’m constantly resetting my pose to try and get it right before it breaks. I’ve noticed the rotation gizmo breaks before the bones go horizontal.