Edit parameters for multiple meshes at once. Unify lightmap resolutions.


I was porting a project to UE4 and noticed a few problems when you need to edit multiple meshes in editor:

  1. Is there a way to edit properties like lightmap channel or Override Light Map Resolution for multiple meshes at once?
  2. Is it possible to unify lighmap resolution across all static meshes?

Is it not possible yet or am I missing something?


  1. Yes this is possible. If you go into the mesh editor for each you can adjust the LM resolution there. This will carry over to any instance in your level that has not had it’s LM resolution overidden in the details panel for that particular instance.

  2. You can select any meshes you want in your scene. In the details panel to the right you can scroll down and find the “Lighting” tab > Overridden Lightmap Resolution" where you can check this box and then set a LM resolution for all selected assets.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Hi, Tim.

I’m sorry but that’s not what I ment. I’ll try to clarify my question =)

  1. For example you import lots of separate meshes (no instances) and they all have wrong lightmap channel. So you have to go ahead and set the correct channel one by one instead of selecting all of the needed meshes and changing it once so the value is set for all selected meshes. And it’s not just about lightmap channel. For instance in Unity you can do exactly that - edit values for multiple objects at once. I was asking if there is same functionality in UE4 because I didn’t find it.

  2. By unifiyng ligthmap resolution I ment setting the same pixel density for multiple objects (you can see it in the Lightmap density viewport mode). What you proposed will still keep the difference in lightmaps density which is there by default and you still have to adjust it one by one. Again, in Unity you have a uniform lightmap density by default which you can adjust manually on a per object basis. What I was asking was is it possible to unify lightmaps resolution in UE4 so the pixel density is the same across multiple meshes?

Hope that helps to clarify my question. Thanks.

  1. With the meshes that are being imported do you already have a separate lightmap channel setup (Seems so from what I read but just want to make sure)? I’ve not personally noticed any issues with importing meshes with lightmaps that doesn’t automatically set the LM channel to anything other than 1. I’m not aware of any functionality to change that particular parameter across multiple different meshes since this is set in the meshes own mesh editor/viewer.

  2. Ah gotcha! Wasn’t thinking initially about the texel density. This is not something that is possible currently with the editor.


Well, that’s a bummer. Those two are kinda useful features. Same as “bake selected only” which was present in UDK but somehow is absent in UE4 and you have to bake everything even if you update a tiny lyttle mesh in the corner of the map. But thatks for your response anyway.

There are ways around the “bake selected only” option in UE4. This requires using levels though (This is used in many of the projects from Epic on the Marketplace, such as Strategy Game and Vehicle Game). Essentially you’re Persistent level is the base level that anything in that will be visible to any levels below it. So what I’ve done on my projects is to have the Persistent have hardly anything at all.
I’ll set up a level for lights, base geometry, assets, etc.

By using this method you can then control what lighting information is baked where. For instance, if I have a house and setup each room to be a separate level You could then have only that room selected and bake lighting for that room without affecting the others.

I know this requires a little more setup and thinking but it’s a work around that I’ve found to work for me on some occasions.

Yes, that’s an option. Actually I was thinking of doing so but with layers instead of levels. And it didn’t work. I guess I’ll try to use your method with levels. Thanks again, Tim.