Edit Multiple Landscapes

hello, so i was wondering if anyone can suggest me what the proper way is to edit multiple landscapes and in particular the edges.

as you can see the edge has a total mismatch.
I tried follow the suggestion from AnswerHub https://answers.unrealengine/questions/87726/synching-multiple-landscapes.html
but i find that it doesn’t help at all.
When i move the edge components from LandscapeA to become part of LandscapeB via the “move to streaming level” , it doesn’t seem to help in regards of sculpting or otherwise editing the landscape.
The brush wukk still only edit the original landscape that is currently selected.

any help is appreciated!


I dont know if its possible to edit two landscapes at the same time, but when you do it like in this video, it should work pretty well to connect both landscapes -> :slight_smile:
I would recommend you to just create one big landscape and after that you can move it to a streaming level with the move tool (but I dont know if you are still abel to edit the landscape as one piece after that)

Hi thanks for your answer.
The solution in the video is not usable for us since we export our world from an external tool and the tiles need to match the exact position, we cannot manually overlap them.

Same reason we wont be able to just create 1 huge terrain and modify it before moving it into separate streaming levels.

Are you using world machine and world composition in ue4?

Yes, we want to import the heightmaps and then do manual fixes via the unreal tools but it works fine only as long as we dont touch the edges as seen on the screenshot.

You shouldn’t need to do any fixes in the unreal engine. When you mass import the tiled world the edges will be lined up perfectly.

If you want to then edit the landscape by hand, you can. If you edit the edge, just make sure you have both maps loaded and visible in the levels panel.

no it doesn’t work for me. The terrains in question were created at a time where the world composition wasn’t quite finished yet and so I didn’t do a “import all” but rather setup the world manually. Maybe that is also a reason why now it doesn’t work.
Regardless even doing a simple example i the editor as seen on screenshot using world composition , 2 levels , 2 terrains , 1 per level, the brushes end their effect on the edges and do not affect neighboring landscapes.

@Chrys I’ve looked into this before. If you manually set up the levels in world composition, UE4 will not let you sculpt across borders. UE4 only allows this if you had imported as a tiled landscape.

You mentioned that you export your world from an external tool. If the tool gives you multiple raw16 files, name them as such: <PrefixName>_x<TileNumX>_y<TileNumY>.r16
where TileNumX and TileNumY ranges from 0 to the number of tiles - 1. This will allow you to import as a tiled landscape.
If you are getting just one big raw16 file, then you’ll need to separate the files into multiple raw16 files. The values of the borders between tile files must be the same value (they must match).

If you already have a landscape in UE4 that you want to keep, you can try this:

  1. For each landscape, export its heightmap from the Landscape Editor.
    Note: If the borders don’t already match before you export, you need to either make them match here first by forcing them to some value, or later but before you reimport as a tiled landscape.
  2. Rename the tiles as I mentioned above: <PrefixName>_x<TileNumX>_y<TileNumY>.r16
  3. Reimport back into UE4 as a tiled landscape.

Hi brisket, thanks for the reply. I will consider trying this but it will be a lot of work and there is some time constraints right now.
I am in the process of modifying the engine code a little to accommodate my needs. if that fails i will have to go back and do as you suggested, many thanks!

Do you know of any free version of third party software that offers the tiling feature ?

Pretty sure World Machine(the free version that is) supports up to 512x512 resolutions.

I have the paid version of WM and when I import a tiled heightmap set they all are stacked on top of each other instead of being tiled. Any idea what causes that?

If your not using the tiled landscape import in editor then you need to manually add them in the WorldComp Editor https://gyazo/6b44fbfb7a2c8b19d080f7b566be13c5