Edit landscape in game

Hello! How can i edit landscape like a sculpting, but only inside gameplay via blueprint?

I’ve seen this asked many times and I believe the answer is it can only be done through modifying the C++ source and creating your own custom system for it.

Ditto C++


Seeking a Blueprint Solution, I’ve come up with a few ideas that could be used along with the standard landscape (warning these will require flushing out):

  1. Generate a Terrain (Skeletal Mesh) in 3rd Party with Target Morphs arranged in a Grid.
  2. Generate a modular Tile sets with different Terrains shapes to swap out in-game.

I’m developing a suite of in-game editor applications that use the modular approach. I have other ideas, but, would require greater detail on what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Me need edit landscape in runtime for building houses or make crates from meteor