Edit Dino base damage

Where exactly is this located at and is it possible to change at this time?

If you go to Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/(Your Dino) and double click the “(Your Dino)_Character_BP”, you will find a variable called “Melee Damage Amount”. You can also modify a lot of other options there!

Search for DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_Raptor it appears to have a lot of dino properties.

Ahh, i skimmed over that, thanks!

I also found you can manipulate the XP gain under Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints “DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_” " (double click which dino) /Amount Max Gained Per Level Up Value Tamed.

No wonder why the tamed Dinos are OP, the Health increase is a max of 20% per level, melee damage multiplier is 10%…

Did anyone get this to work? I copy (dino)character_BP and DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP(Dino) rename them both, make some changes to them. Compile, save, cook and upload. Load mods, nothing has changed :(. Getting very discouraged. Just want to nerf the HP scaling on tamed dinos for each point put into health.