Edit>Delete Unused Variables Crashes Explorer

Win 7, all the updates.

LogSlate:Warning: Tried to set viewport width size to -30562.  Clamping size to max allowed size of 16384 instead.

When I delete all unused variables, and there are a lot of them to delete(dozens), windows explorer flashes, reports problems with the color scheme, etc. I think the task bar is basically broken too. Highlighting icons usually shows a small window of what is going on there but that is gone.

I don’t know if the editor is deleting so many variables at once that windows can’t keep up or what.

Hi ,

About how many variables are you deleting at one time before this occurs? What version of the editor are you using? Can you post your crash logs here so I can take a look at them?

Probably at least 30 variables. Hard to say as nothing is even telling me what was deleted other than the screen popup that I don’t see when explorer crashes. It might be related to the popup. If I delete less than 10 variables with this method then I see the popup.

I don’t see anywhere in the output log or message log that tells me what variables were removed.

Given the Log Warning I am assuming the extreme size of the popup window due to the vast number of deleted variables is causing the problem.

Maybe if it just dumped into the message log instead of trying to use a popup it wouldn’t cause the issue, and at the same time we would have a better idea of what was actually deleted. The popup never sticks around long enough to read it anyway.

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-13017 to be assessed by the development staff.