Edinburgh Napier University Project

Hi, I am looking to get some feedback for the below project and was hoping any of the users on here could assist or help me on this.

My cooked project is zipped and been uploaded to the shared link on google drive. As mentioned above. This is for my university project. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. The questions and response mail are in the file. Any questions, ask here or contact me directly.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Hi ,
Some screenshots would be a help, otherwise Its a blind download and I don’t know if I can help.
Some information before a download is always appreciated.

Cheers and hope I can help. Knew a lot of people that went to Napier many moons ago so will help if I can.

Hi, sorry. I posted the thread her and Released Projects.

Below are a couple of screenshots.

The aim and story are tied to the evaluation, so I don’t wan to give too much away or it spoils and influences answers. Its an interactive trailer more than a game.

Thanks, Scotland 3D.

Any feedback would be appreciated as I only have 1 completion so far.

Hi m8,
Do you have the project brief? A summary would help us understand the goal.