Edges on selected objects flickering

Hello everyone,

Strange thing going on with UEd4 here that I don’t recall ever seeing before.

Basically, if I have an object - like a sphere or cube - selected from the ‘Geometry’ tab (CSG brushes), the yellow outline around the faces has this fast blinking/strobing effect. Everything is otherwise performing/behaving fine, but that strobing/blinking is going to give me a headache if I have to work with CSG stuff for any amount of time.

I have a NVidia GTX970, driver version 384.76, which is the current one.

Anyone have an idea of why this is happening, or if there’s some setting I can change in the editor to prevent that?


I have the same issue. I’m running an NVIDIA GTX 980M. Updating the driver to see if that solves the problem.

Noone has an answer? I have the same issue

necro but the answer is this issue popped up in 4.6 and remains up until todays 4.27.2 and its anti aliasing issue, if you go to Menu>edit>project settings then look under the Engine tab for Rendering then scroll down to Default section 2nd to last of default has Anti-Alaising Method, it flickers under Temporal AA, if you set it to either of the other 3 options, none, FXAA or MSAA it doesn’t flicker, but by default Temporal AA seems to be set which flickers