Edge Scrolling , mouse only

I am trying to built a RTS camera with Edge scrolling only… I tried to recreate bdfdb6d6136c84026aa4e43243c37073dc54ee31.jpeg&d=1448557350 but the camera doesn’t respond to the cursor location at all. Anyone got a guide or pointers on how to create an RTS camera with cursor location instead of WASD?

The functions (MovePawnRigth/Left…) are not being called correctly or your camera is not moving correctly?

Have your tried printing the output values from your getters?

Hi, I got it working, in the editor mode, But when packaged the camera pawn starts to float, and the edge scrolling are messed up( Left becomes UP, Up Becomes Bottom-right etc.)

@Nawin04 :

I have a slightly different setup. I just have a normal pawn with a scene component and a spring arm with a camera attached to it. Here is the blueprint: (For a bigger version just open the picture up in a new tab).

EDIT: Don’t pay attention to the green comment box. It is viewport size DIVIDED 1.015 :).

So my problem is in the blueprint itself instead of the something I didn’t or haven’t checked in the movement component?