Edge-Scrolling issue

EDIT #1: It seems like the bottom and right sides of the screen don’t pick up mouse position at all. It is when my mouse leaves the viewport that the input changes to left+up simultaneously.

EDIT #2: Partially Solved. I have two monitors. My main is 4k and my secondary is 1080p. I simply moved unreal to my 1080p monitor and play tested there. The edge scrolling worked great. I’m going to need to look for a solution that scales to all screen sizes. So any help there would be great!

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So I’m having an issue when I use the mouse to move my camera. It scrolls left fine and it scrolls up fine. When I try to scroll either right or down, my camera always moves left AND up. I’m thinking that my “Return2” is never getting set to true.

For reference, I am following the tutorial listed here:

I have made Print Strings to debug as you can see on the very right side of the Event Graph. Scrolling up prints “Up” repeatedly. Scrolling left prints “Left” repeatedly. They also move as they should. I can never get the console to print out the Print Strings for right and down. Any help is appreciated!

…and here are my blueprints.





Mmmh I cant help you with that, but you can use append node to make prints larger ( have more information ) Just in case you did not know it.

Thanks anyway! I’m slowly making progress. This is about my 2nd week of working in Unreal. So what do you mean by using an append node to make prints larger?