Edge of Aeternity

Hey all!

I have been contemplating for a while on whether or not to share my project I am working on with everyone. Reason being is because I am alone in this and that it has not even entered any stages of progress, but slowly I am developing my 3rd person RPG game named “Edge of Aeternity”. I have almost the whole story written up (need to add a few plot scenes), but that will have to wait to a later date for everyone to see it (Don’t want to have too many spoilers). Also because I have had so many other game ideas I wish to see and wasn’t sure if I’d stick with this one. I have this strange habit of starting a game, but then deciding against it about a month later. Now after about 4 months of writing, editing, designing, drawing and more re-writes, I feel this will be my game I will create, and believe me, it will be a game to excite everyone (or at least that’s my hope).

The game takes place in a world that is being run by a ruthless dictatorship. This king has been slaying those who stand to oppose his rule. With his order of Black Knights, he has those who resist him arrested and executed. The game focuses around a sole person, you, one who is half-elf and half-man, and your journey to fight the king. Sounds kinda bland right? Well this thread will have many updates and I will release more hints at story, species, and lore.

This game focuses on player choices, a large world that keeps evolving and a story that will keep you thinking until the end. But you may ask yourself “There are so many games with player choices out there, how is it going to be different?” or “A large world that evolves, how does that work?” or “What kind of story will this be?”

Well first, the player choices will revolve around actions made in game, which will impact characters you know, how the stories outcome will be and much more. For example, during the beginning of the game there is a sequence where you run from the kings bodyguard and move down an alleyway, this is where the first choice occurs. There is a door slightly ajar and a manhole cover. The choice is yours where to hide, if you take the door, it leads you to an abandoned store. This leads to you needing to find a way out of the city while also hiding in the city (confusing right?) BUT what if you go the manhole cover route? This leads to the sewers where you are taken prisoner by slavers and forced to fight in cage matches to save your own life, and from here you need to find a way to escape the sewers and the city alive. Along both of these paths you will meet 2 different companions who assist you (names and concept art will come later).

Second, the world is slightly smaller than The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. With a variety of kingdoms to explore and many little nooks and crannies to go to, there will be something to see everywhere.

Third, This story will be a fantasy story based in a new world where there is bitter rivalries and conflicts, stories of the old and heroes that never will be. Edge of Aeternity will, in my hopes, be a game that will have one think about what could happen next.

I have been inspired by many Epic Fantasy series, and have thought about making my own world and story with a large cast of characters, a beautiful hand-crafted world and a story that grips the player.

Below are some images of the game world that I am creating. I know it looks very empty, but just remember, I am one guy with a dream I wish to see as a reality. I will add updates when I have some new things to show, so if the thread seems dead, fear not, it just means I am working hard at this project. More images will be uploaded so stay tuned for more and thanks for checking out this project of mine!

Hey All!

So I’ve had a lot of school work, but I have designed the tutorial environment for Edge of Aeternity. Also I have downgraded from an open world to an Open Ended Linear game. After a lot of thinking and writing I believe it will be both easier for myself and it will help give emphasis on the story and decisions in the game. Think of the first Witcher and how it was open to an extant. Below is a video of the Tutorial Environment! Enjoy and be on the lookout for more updates!

Change your game title, your title is a copy and paste of another game “Edge of Eternity” adding a letter in the title.

Here is the first character progress video for my game. It shows the main character with the walk and sprint system. I will be adding in my own animations for combat since it will have a unique style of gameplay there. I will post some screen shots of the companions, characters, enemies etc this week and the environment videos this weekend!

Here is a walk-through of a Chapter 1 in the sewers. of The City of Aeternity. For more information on the environment, there is a description in the video! I am working on lighting for The City of Aeternity and will try to get a video up of it soon! Cheers!