Edge collision unreliable (wormjuice skateboarding)

Hi team Epic.

In my game wormjuice skateboarding i use a static mesh as my skateboard colider. When it goes from 1 collision box to another, as in crossing the roads it sometimes bounces of the edge.
I have used all the settings i found on the internet like custom physics material (settings also tweaked to have no bounce).
As i am researching this in hopes for a solution i also did a test on a regular ramp.
It has the exact same result.

As you can see in this clip the skater goes up a normal ramp and right up the top he does not follow the curve anymore but goes straight up into the air.
It seems from the physics perspective as if its colliding with a wall instead of a curve.


A small detail: My skater is sliding across the floor, their are no wheels involved.
And the static mesh used for collisions looks like this.

Is there a solution to this?

Any questions please ask, as i do not know exactly the kind of information you would need from me to help solve this issue.
Thanks for checking in to this.
Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon.