I’m using a Galaxy S6, should I keep using ECT2 or the new ASTC option for my packages? I’ve noticed they both work on my packaging, but not sure what the difference is or if I should continue to use ECT2? I export for both GearVR as well as regular Mobile builds.

ASTC seems to be a better option, but I believe it requires GLES3.x. And for whatever reason 4.10 comes with GLES2 only (GLES3.x requires building from source).

Really? Because when i do an android build, I do have the option for ASTC and it builds just find. Im also on 4.10.

Looking deeper into it reveals that there are 2 profiles, LDR and HDR. Perhaps HDR on works with GLES 3.x only. Maybe ASTC support in hardware only available on Mali GPUs. Not 100% sure.

I always just build it for ALL, install wizard has magic knowledge and installs the proper one for the device I believe.

ALL will cook and package all the texture formats. This will mean you either have a large APK or OBB depending on your project settings. The installer will copy everything, but the engine will only LOAD what it needs. The new Multi open allows you to pick which formats are packed (checkboxes are in Multi Texture Formats of the Android Project Settings).