ECT :: Expanded Container Types

Have you ever tried doing something a bit out of the ordinary with Containers in Blueprint?

Did YOU get frustrated or end up with a tangled mess? [CENTER]Well fear no more. Expanded Container Types is a plugin which allows a different sort of access to containers from within BP. No more restricting yourself to types you defined in C++ so that you can hand off your containers to C++ for advanced processing. No more noodle bowls. No more lost features due to lack of container functionality. That’s RIGHT, you can sort players by ping. You can filter an actor array by distance. You can update all the elements of an array in place. You can loop backwards AND break.

No longer will you have to use workarounds!


Want more? Watch here!

Well I can hear you now

Unfortunately, ECT isn’t currently available and I’m exploring my options for actually deploying it. Its likely that I have to make a change to the engine, which will have to be reviewed by Epic, and wait for that change to make it out to the engine at large. Until then, I’ll be unable to actually let anybody play with the full plugin. I could send out a less featured version of the plugin early, but I’d prefer holding off for this engine change so you’d get the full feature set from the first install, rather than having to update your plugin to get the full features.[/CENTER]

Rock on, good work. I’m always happy to see utility stuff like this. More tools in the toolbelt! Keep it up :slight_smile:

I’ve begun work on the engine change =D

You had a cool set of utilities. Did you give up on this project?

Sort of. It’s been far from being on my priority list. If I pick it back up I’ll update here.

Was this meant to go on sale? if not, are you considering to release it for free and open source?