Echoes - Our first attempt in Game Dev

Hey Guys,

we are a small company located in Hamburg, Germany and have dedicated our lives to gaming. Literally. I started in 2010 when i quit my job and started my own company bringing people gaming and the gaming spirit via Youtube and Starcraft 2 Replays. Our first Website was born: Its a german site for gaming fans and fanatics. The company grew and wit that my childhood dream came back. I always wanted to create a game.

Suddenly there was a team of creative people around me, dedicating their time and lives as well. They are all passionate gamers and have been for decades. It turned out that they are sharing this dream in some way. Some want to be creative, some want to leave a footprint in our industry and the place we love. We started talking and searching until we found UE and made this our sandbox. Now we have the concept, the idea. A great story (…which, turns out, could be very sad and spooky) and the will to get things done. I dont really know if i should tell anything about story, because i really dont want to spoiler. But here are some things that will happen in the game:

Its a 1st Person game and you are playing a john doe, who just lost his beloved wife and daughter in a tragic car accident. He is led by voices of his dead family to a mysterious place in the woods. An abandond place in the middle of nowhere. You are guided through a strange complex until you find an hourglass. This hourglass is starting to possess you and control your spirit while it gives you the ability to travel through time, and back. With its powers you are able to discover the terrifiying secrets of a place that should not exist on this planet.

This is a very short impression of the plot. As its very story related i dont want to tell to much. It has twists and turns, edges and corners. You have to solve a lot of things to progress, listen carefully to things and travel throuh time to reach you ultimate goal.

As we just started a few weeks ago, we really want you to take part in our creation process. We also will start a kickstarter campaing with the first game impressions, artworks and concept art in the near future. But step after step.

First i want to start with a few impressions of screenshots, since we are currently creating a lot of meshes, textures and things like that. Feedback is very welcome and very appriciated.

Thank you for your time!

P.S. I know its not a lot of information right now, but things just start rolling. Also i will updated this thread regularly :slight_smile:


And some links, wich will be updated:

Deviant Art

Our Dev Facebook Page - leave a like to stay updated :slight_smile:

Website & Devblog will follow.

Love the hallway, looks like you’re off to a great start!

Working on a dungeon crawler myself, and I can only hope to make the dungeon hallways in my game look as nice.

Here are some new Assets! What do you think?

The Lamp: Smoothing Groups were not imported, so it looks a little edgy :smiley:

Howdy hazzardous1984,

Great work so far. All of the screenshots look fantastic. Like n00854180t has said, love the hallway. Be sure to keep us updated as you progress through the development process.

Thank you! I will keep this updated for sure! We are just starting from scratch :slight_smile: Today our Facebook Page opened! So we will show updates and some assets there as well :slight_smile: Feel free to leave us a “like”.

Some Conceptart and Assets.

cool stuff, the DoF settings make (in the first post in particular) the scene look like cinematic miniatures, which looks really interesting. there is a really solid sense of atmosphere and mood, keep it up :smiley:

We are progessing! We plan to start Kickstarter next month but until then we will have some nice introductionvideos and scenes from the game. We also need to look for a US\UK synchronisation Team. At the Moment we are working on Motioncapturing some cool animations =)

Here are some more impressions from the Assetlibrary and Artworks

This is why you don’t run with scissors.

Nice props though!

The arms feel low poly–how far will the camera be from them?

Hey guys,

here are some updates! We are making great progress and have some cool settings and areas done yet. Now we are implementing Mocap Animatins for our Chars! Its great fun. We start financing the Project soon and hope got get some help from EPIC :slight_smile:

Hope you like what you see!

Looking great so far, very nice props and textures!

Here is a little Video Impression! :slight_smile:

Those props are very detailed!!!
This is going to be great!!!

Thank you! We will keep it that way :smiley: