Echo Windwalker questions

I am not the sharpest tool in the box sadly so need simple explanations :rofl:.
How does one make Echo jump?
I am using 4.27
She has jump animations, how do I assign them to the spacebar, her Blueprint looks totally different to the usual Thirdperson one and the best I can do with Blueprints is study one and rightclick add the same things click compile and hope it works.
In fact there are many cool animations like the sitting, vaulting etc, I would like to assign keys for all of them.

So - if you describe where you’re at honestly - which it sounds like you have - then I’d go download perhaps a Paragon character. Take a look at their setup and step through the character and animation blueprint. There’s also a ton of courses and videos out there stepping you through setting up character movement. Get that downpat then take another look at Windwalker Echo. Just my thoughts.

I certainly can retarget another Character’s BP to her but I rather like the fancy one she has with the feet and body adjusting to different surfaces, I tried doing stuff and it just threw up compile errors.
I am afraid I have no idea as it’s very different to the other ones.

Yes. You’re right. She uses Epic’s new full body IK solver - which looks real nice. But honestly - you’ll get to that in good time. Don’t try to understand too much too soon. If you really want to, you could use the sample project that Windwalker comes with, and build off that. But - I strongly urge you to start simple and work your way up to where you want to be. If you’re just shooting in the dark in relation to blueprint scripting - and I’ve been there too - it’s just a recipe for huge headaches. Take a simple course - like DevAddicts Souls Like RPG course. That runs through character setup right from scratch. Then take another look at Windwalker Echo with a little more know how. Just my thoughts. Well meant. You’ll get there.

Windwalkers basic character and anim BP are not so vastly different from say a paragon character. Yes she has the full body IK which is something new. But otherwise similar enough to get a read on with a little knowledge. Again… just my 2c.

oh it was surprisingly easy to solve, just a matter of changing project settings for bindings and adding input action for jump in the BP, I think the settings for first is what screwed up my attempts for the second, surprised as other characters as thirdperson still jumped before with their BP.

I ran into the same jumping problem, but I still can’t solve this problem, I’m a beginner using UE 5, you kind of solved the problem, can you tell me how?