Echo project not working

ok today i’ve tried to download and open the “free echo” character project from epic and it’s not working, i’ve downloaded it and tried to run in my unreal engine 4.27 but not is working.
i click on the “create new project buttom” then it download the project and create it, then when i click to “open” it, unreal start to load then near the end i get a notification saying which the “map” was saved with a more new version of the engine and can’t load the map, but the project open however the map don’t load neither the character, i click on the character mesh and the character mesh window don’t open, neither i can drag drop into the scene, almost nothing is working, is almost like it was only loaded to run in unreal 5 and can’t be really open in unreal 4.27 different from what is saying which we are supposed to open it with unreal 4.27 too and since my video card is having some issues i can’t open anymore unreal 5 then i can’t use this character, any help?