ECG Blueprint

I have 3 materials in the Hud (Widget) of my game
The 3 materials represent a life bar like a classic resident evil type ECG, so it occurred to me to put them one on top of the other in the HUD, and make them visible and invisible depending on the life that my character has. … that is, if it has 100 life points the green bar will be shown, if it has 50 life points the green bar is hidden and the yellow bar is invoked if it has 25 the yellow bar is hidden and the red one is invoked … I think that I’m getting too complicated … but Could it be done in another way?

Hi @ykosoul
take a look at widget switchers
its like a box that can contain any numvber of images, and you can set wich one is shown.
so when you take damage or healing you check
if life is 0-33 use red image
if is 34 - 66 use orange
if is 67 -100 use green image

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If I understood it right (!), I’d just place 3 elements in a vertical box:


And if any of them falls below 0, just hide it:

This is pretty crude and can be done much better.

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Thank you I will try!

I will try this solution too, thank you