ECC memory or no?

I’m looking to build a new PC and really learning Unreal Engine 4. I’m going to go with the AMD Ryzen 9 3950x for the core out and building lights in UE4.

I just came across ECC memory and was wondering if that is something I should consider? The price is only about $20 different but it looks like with ECC I could only do 64 gbs at 2666 mhz vs non ECC at 128 gbs at 3600 mhz.

I am not sure how much memory mhz affects the overall workload in Unreal Engine 4.

Thanks for any advice and help!

Don’t use ECC memory unless you know you need it. Faster and cheaper RAM is better for game devs.

Which is a bit odd, as in the film industry (my homebase) you definitely want to have ECC RAMs. Normal are fine too, but the ECC are workhorses.
It’s always interesting to learn more about hardware requirements in other disciplines.