Easy way to find "set Integer / float (by ref)" in blueprint all possible actions search.


Search “Set Integer (by ref)” etc in blueprint all possible actions is quite difficult.
Keywords like “set integer”, “by ref” does not look up them.

So, I want to request easy way to find set * (by ref).

Editor version is 4.15.1

That’s because you need a reference first and thus only works in Functions or Macros. Simply mark the input variables as “pass by reference”, after that you can “set XYZ (by ref)”



Thanks for your response, but the point is “searching”.

“Set XYZ (by ref)” can be searched only if

  • drag off a ref value pin to create a new node
  • keywords are like “by ref”.
  • keyword does not contain XYZ (Integer, etc.) part
  • “Context Sensitive” must be checked

And the name of macro/function is “Set By-Ref Var” when creating node, and not “Set XYZ (by ref)”.


  • we cannot make a “by ref” node first then link to a ref value pin
  • search is difficult if we think it’s name is “Set XYZ (by ref)” (means search keyword may contain “XYZ”)
  1. Drag off and “Context Sensitive” is checked

  2. Drag off and “Context Sensitive” is not checked

  3. Try to make “by ref” node first


I wish this was easier to search for … I was following a guide where the BP was already laid out in a youtube video … I am so relieved that somebody had already asked this question.