Easy way to create "presets" for a Blueprint?

Suppose I’ve got a fairly versatile BP which I use to construct a number of relevant elements of a level—like a switch or button or something (it’s not exactly this but the analogy will work).

The BP uses a series of exposed vars to construct any of a number of combination of attributes into an object; size, function, color, decals, time limits, whatever.

Suppose that, over time, I find myself frequently using several configurations of these variables as a set (i.e. small timed door switches colored red, large toggle switches colored grey with blue lights, what have you) and would like to easily insert them into the world.

Now, I know I can just duplicate the BP itself in the content browser and change the default variable values on the duplicate, but this seems like overkill, and also complicates things needlessly if I want to make changes to some core functionality of the blueprint in question (since I have to recreate those changes across all the sibling BPs).

Is there some way to store “preset default collections” or something for a BP? So that I can flip an enum and all of the values for the BP will be correspondingly altered?

I don’t have much experience in this and wouldn’t be able to expand upon your question more than I’m about to do. You said this:

Instead of duplicating a Blueprint, have you looked into creating a child? Right click on the BP in the content browser and click “Create Blueprint based on this.” The resulting BP will have everything the original had, but the event graph, for example, is missing because it will always refer to its parent first. So if you have dozens of blueprints that are “based on” the original, any changes to core functionality of the original is passed on to each of them. I created a template blueprint that represents a placeable furniture asset, and each of its children all behave perfectly and uniquely with their own settings while keeping any graph changes made to the template.

HI! sorry for my delay in getting back.

Yes I am using children already. The preset i am looking to generate stem from a master Enum with all the variation types inside of that.

it would then flow into a switch and then whatever logic to generate the preset which are almost all bools with then sub presets for the active bools.

Its sounds very convoluted I know. but this is essentially just making preset combinations of bool combinations.

If you want to change config using an enum, then you can best do that in the construction script.