Easy way to contact forum support

I’m pretty new on this forum and maybe I don’t understand something, but here’s what my problem is and, if I’m not mistaken, then a request.
If in essence: I could not find a simple and understandable way to contact the support of the forum - I think this is wrong.
Now in more detail:
A few days ago my topics titles and one comment were automatically hidden due to “Your post was flagged as spam”. I was discouraged, because I did not see anything like this in my messages. The notification also says: “You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.” which I did by changing only the hosting of the images, the links to which were in my two posts (since I am a new user, I could only upload one attachment per reply, so I had to use third-party resources).
Two days have passed since then and nothing has changed, so I decided to contact the support/moderators and clarify the situation. I see no point in answering these messages, since they come from the System and were created automatically. Having looked through all the pages on which, in my opinion, it may be possible to write to the support or contacts for this, I found with annoyance that there was no such possibility, as well as topics with a discussion of this.

I found only two options with a similar meaning:

  • this is a list of profiles of administrators and moderators
  • “In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site”

But this is definitely not an easy answer to the question “How do I contact the forum support/moderators?”.