Easy way to add hitbox/collision detection to existing static environment in map?

I’m wondering if there is an easy way to add collision detection/hitbox to existing static environment in map?

I have already created a blueprint that contains logic for collision and in viewport i have a box collision that i want to add on static elements in map but i don’t want to add it manually to all trees, stones and other obstacles in my level, is there any easy way to do this?

what is your actual goal with all of this? if its just to have collision on the trees thats easy but if your looking to associate a script for when you shoot a tree then that becomes a bit more complex.

What i want to do is add a box

collision around a i.e a tree, i already have a blueprint that has a script with what is supposed to happen if player hits that tree and in that blueprint in the viewport i have added a box collision.

The reason i want to do this is because i want to skip manually adding my box collider in the map manually to all trees and other static elements that i want to have a hitbox.

I did a test code that spawns my blueprint but it doesn’t work quite well unfortunately.

What i did is i added a tag to some test trees in the map and i loop though them and spawn my box collider in their position but what happens is that my loop goes though them all and then adds unlimited amount of my hitbox to the last tree in that loop which is not what it is intended to do…

Hopefully this describes what i want to accomplish

if your just looking to have a box collision on the trees then open the static mesh and add a simplified box collision. that will create a box collision for all the instances of that tree in the level.

also in the script you posted try deleting that delay node. its probably causing problems even if you dont see it.