Easy way for adding source version of engine to launcher ?


I recently installed two versions of engine. One from launcher and then downloaded second via GitHub. I noticed that launcher shows only precompiled version. I already checked AnswerHub and some forum threads but I would like to know if it is possible to add source version of engine to launcher when everything is already installed without moving it to another directory/reinstalling launcher. I think it can not be hard to add option like “Add Engine Installation” to launcher and it will be very useful for many people. :slight_smile:

My directories:

Program Files / Unreal Engine / 4.3
Program Files / Unreal Engine / Launcher
Program Files / Unreal Engine / Repo / UnrealEngine

Thank you


Tip: When you right click on your project file you can change version of used engine. Source version is automatically listed there. When you do this, launcher shows your current engine version used by project as “Other”. I hope this will help other guys. This partly solve this problem but it would be still cool to have category like Custom Installations in launcher.