[Easy To Use] - Multiplayer Components 1.0.0

Hi, i just released this multiplayer components pack…yer-components give me feedback on what to improve. This is my first pack on the unreal engine marketplace so all critics and feedback helps.
If you have any requests of future ideas for components just comment down below and i will make a list.

Current Components:

  • Health Component (Replicated health over network, works with armor component)
  • Armor Component (Replicated health over network, reduces damage taken from remove health function)
  • Level Component (Replicated level over network, it allows the user to level over network, works with XP)
  • Mana Component (Replicated mana over network, it allows the user to have mana over network)
  • Stamina Component [Replicated stamina, allows the user to use sprint functions and run over network]
  • Wallet Component (Replicated wallet component, allows the user to have economy over network)


  • ThirstComponent -> Allows Actors to die from thirst
  • HungerComponent -> Allows Actors to die from hunger
  • StrenghComponent -> (how much damage player can do)
  • WavesComponent (added to gamemode to allow players to control waves/wave timers etc…)

Extras components that might be added.

  • RewardComponent -> Allows users to give any of the components as reward
  • ScoreComponent -> High score for single-player / multiplayer (load / save)
  • SwitchComponent (allows a player to switch location with another player)
  • AbillityComponent (cast abilities across network easily)
  • PickUpComponent (allows players to pickup objects over network)
  • InteractionComponent (added to actors that the player can interact with by pressing a button)
  • LaserComponent (shoots bouncing laser over network)


  • InventoryComponent (simple inventory that keeps track of items)
  • InventoryAdvancedComponent (slot inventory, with drop / drag / trade) ?

Community Requested:

  • none :frowning: