Easy poly reduction?

I am fairly new to unreal,
but I am wondering, How do i reduce the polys on a static mesh or rigged character?

Is there a built in tool in unreal?
Or is there a good 3rd party tool that I can use?


What you want is outside the scope of a game engine.
You would need a 3d modeling program like 3dsmax/maya/Zbrush/Blender do do that.
The only area that UE4 will help with lower poly assets is auto LOD creation.

Hope that helps

There’s a program for that called Simplygon, but there’s not automatic method that is as good as doing it by hand.

I use this: https://www.mixamo.com/decimator

I had heard about maximo, does that work well?
Also thank you everyone for your help!

zBrush have a nice automatic retopology/reduce tool, but best result i think its manually.

Automatic retopo for game characters won’t work very well because they need mesh loops for proper animation and decimators, the last time I checked, can’t generate that.
Autodesk nowadays have some good tools for manual retopology, but the best tools for that are Modo and 3dCoat.

Blender’s Decimate tool works quite well, I’m not sure about using it for characters though.