Easy packaging of steam and non-steam builds


we usually build our game for Steam, but one of the stores we sell on requests, quite rightly, that the packaged game we give them is free of the Steam online subsystem.

So far the only clear way I’ve seen to bring this about, is to comment out the relevant lines of DefaultEngine.ini. This, of course, requires the packager to be aware of the file and the said lines. And then they need resetting for the steam build. It’s a little cumbersome.

I would like to be able to use the ProjectLauncher to build the game, setting up custom launch profiles for each (steam and non-steam) build. I’m particularly encouraged by the ‘Additional Command Line Parameters’ in the Build section, but so far I’ve found nothing that works.

Anybody have any suggestion?

Looking for an answer too.

Looking for an answer too.