[Easy?] Multiple retarget options when retargeting from multiple sources

Hi there.

I’m retargeting animations from multiple sources, and it’s all working well, except for one seemingly minor detail. Depending on the source, I may need to change the retargeting options for some bones so the deformation is correct, but these options may differ between sources.

To be precise, the attack animations I’m using work better when root and hip bones are set to “Animation Scaled”. The locomotion animations break under those options, but work properly when everything is set to “Skeleton”. So, if I correct one, I break the other.

I tried exporting then reimporting the retargeted animations, but it seems the engine does not actually bake the scale corrections into the animations. The reimported files still require bones to be set to “Animation Scaled”.

I’m retargeting everything through the default Humanoid rig.

I suspect this is a simple issue and I just don’t know where to find the option to restrict adjustments to a particular source. Retarget sources sound like what I want, but it’s unclear how to set them up, and it seems to be based on individual animations, not sources.

Thanks for your time!

I ended up changing my character’s skeleton’s hierarchy to solve the problem. Basically, I usually parent the legs to the root bone(I find it easier to anime certain things this way, such as catwalking), and this is not a common way to do things. I simply parented the legs to the hips. This made it so both sources are compatible with my skeleton.

However, this does not solve the actual problem I was facing, it’s more of a workaround which was available to me. The incompatibility was due to my hierarchy, so I doubt most people would face a similar problem, but I still wonder how one would solve the original problem.