Easy Model with animations

Hello, I’m looking for someone who could do a nice basic 3d model with the following traits, with animations of course.

about a 5ft 6in tall thick stick figure, just a simple eyes small nose and mouth, (detachable limbs on events)

walk,run, sidestep, dash, holding gun, holding a heavier gun, holding sword, raising off-hand (left hand, just a subtle raise about chest level with right hand extending the opposite way), idle animations for all previous. up to 5 swing melee animation, jump, drop to knees and fall death anim, fall backwards death anim, loss of arms death anim, headloss death anim, sit, stand, crouch/crouchwalk.

IF possible i could go for a decent looking stick figurish dog/ beast as well.

Im looking to chat more about how you process the information im giving you here, I ask for a simple model preview, (no anims include) to review the figure, and to be able to keep in touch as I may eventually require alternate looking stick models which would continue to serve my purpose. Let me know! Then we can talk moolah.

Love, UbaUbaJuana (oobah oobah juan ah)


My name is Larry Hlistoff, and I’m a skilled 3D artist.
I provide full range of services - sculpting in ZBrush/modeling in Maya,
optimizing the meshes, creating UV layout, producing normal maps,
PBR texturing in Substance Painter.

My resume:

My portfolio: ArtStation - Larry Hlistoff