[Easy]Missing Substance Plug In

Hi there,

Im packing my game with some substance textures, within the editor everything works fine even stand alone runs fine, but when i package it and try to execute(win32) it show some error related that substance pluging wasnt found,so i copy manually the plugin to the my project folder but the problem persist.

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,

Does your game have any C++ code or is it all done with blueprint? If it’s done with blueprint you will need to add a blank C++ file (Add code to project in UE4 Editor). This is so the Unreal Build Tool knows you need to compile the Substance plugin into your game.

Yeah its all in blueprints, so just adding a blank c++ project will make unreal to compile the dependecis? Thanks ill try.

Hi there,
I was able to add a blank class to my project, then i restarted the editor and it recompile the project, but when im packaging im getting this error:
MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (32-bit)): UnrealBuildTool: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.4\Engine\Plugins\Substance\Binaries\Win32\SubstanceCore-Win32-Shipping-Static.lib’
MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (32-bit)): RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully. Im on 4.4.3.

If i disable the substance plug it package normally but a i cant use any substance textures.

Interesting. Do you have visual studio 2013 installed?

Yes, profesional version.

Okay . Perhaps an alternative method we can try:

  • Right click on your uproject file and click on “Generate Visual Studio Project Files”
  • Open the YourProject.sln (where YourProject is the name of your UE4 Project)
  • Set the configuration to shipping
  • Compile

If you get no errors or warnings doing this, then try to package the build in UE4 as normal. I have found in the past that UE4 sometimes gets confused when compiling code in the editor, so I often compile it in Visual Studio and just let UE4 package the build.

Keep me posted!

Error :frowning:

you there, sorry for the pushing but in need to know if i can be able to use substance for my next project. Thanks!

Hi !

No worries on the pushing, I want this to work for you also! Would you be able to email me at ? This way I can get you more rapid support and if needed exchange details on computer configuration, etc. Once we find the solution I can post in this thread for others :wink:




I haven’t received an email from you but I was wondering if you had tried the plugin release and if so, how it was going. Thanks!

I have a similar problem ( Error 61 error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.6\Engine\Binaries\Win32\UE4Game-Redist-DesktopPlatform-Win32-Shipping.lib’ ) except that I’m using UE 4.6 preview (with substance 4.6). Everything in the editor works fine but it seems that Substance (packaging a project was perfect before adding the Substance plugin) needs the DesktoPlatofrm module even in the release (shipping) build. My project is a full c++ project btw.

Hi ,

I’ve updated the github 4.6 branch with a hotfix for your issue. Let me know how it goes!

Hi ,
it now works great! Thank you and sorry for having posted the same question on two different forums (after posting I realized that maybe this thread was dead).

If Problem persist, just go to …\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Substance\Libs and copy release folder to same location and rename it to Debug