Easy Mine, Pick or Craft System

I’m a 15-year-old game dynamics programmer from Istanbul, Turkey. Recently, I got that idea of creating a three-in-one class for a cancelled project of my friend from Izmir Oğulcan Erduran and tried it. It was so quick and easy then we decided to make it an asset. Then we created this BP Asset, MinePickCraft!
Everything going on at blueprints are commented.
A Blueprint Class which you can convert to a Mine, Pick or Craft object easily by creating children.
Info text always faces you and can disappear at a far distance.
Mining system is based on destroy and spawn and can be used in a big variety of situations.
Pick up system is based on creating a basic inventory and highly interactive.
Craft system has the concept of recycling an item / series of items into an item / series of items and has single use.
Basic scroll and drop item system in player.

Also we added two of my meshes (Pickaxe and Axe) which I UV Mapped and textured for PBR. Asset is on sale at Gumroad for $4, and we made a submission for UE4 Marketplace. Thanks for support!
Note: We will frequently upgrade it.


I like it, am I allow to message you ?