Easy Magic - A Game made by Gamers

This is a big dream of ours, now we have to get approved on Steam Greenlight, please check it out and see if you can help us :slight_smile:

Note: This game is supposed to be below $3


  • Over 100 magic powers
  • Power-ups
  • NPC allies
  • Base defence driven game
  • Upgrade powers in game
  • Easter eggs
  • Endless survival mode levels
  • Much more


Use a command combination to discover new magic powers. Everytime you begin a new level these combinations change requiring you to primarily have luck, strategy to use what you’ve found correctly, be quick with your aim, and finally have a great memory to remeber the combinations you’ve used.
Utilize several ways to defend your base, from simple powers to the craziest combination of elements you can imagine, have your allies help you out in battle, and affect the level to change you opponents behaviors.
Your main objective is not to destroy all enemies, especially because in most levels they won’t stop coming, but its to destroy the spawn point from which they’re coming from. That being said, you firstly need to know how to defend yourself and secondly, master the right timming to strike, but we advise you to do that quickly because if you don’t, some changes may come that for sure will make your life a little harder.

Why “Easy”:

Easy Magic is not an easy game, actually it’s far from that and will surely make you play some levels more than once. The “Easy” used for the name came about because it was relatively easy to make it, don’t get me wrong at some points we thought about changing it to Hard Magic, but if you consider that over 90% of the assets that were used in the development of it were acquired in Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace, we decided to keep it that way. Another important point is that none of the people that work in Easy Magic actually work with any type of game related activities, we have a musician as the level and cinematic creator, hellicopter maintenance controller as the programmer and an interior disgner as the graphic designer, but what brings us all together is our love for games and knowing that we’re accomplishing a dream to create our own, focusing on gameplay and storytelling.

As a last note we’d like to emphasize that all gameplay programming is made in blueprints, and as we really believe helping others is the key to success we’ll make all of this availiable for free, with the exeption of what’s being sold in the Marketplace, by the day it’s released, no need to buy the game to have access to it.

Full list of marketplace items we’ve bought.

Please help us get through Greenlight, click on the image below to go to the link


Thanks a lot.