Easy Interactions

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Project migration and getting started

Easy Interactions system makes blueprint communication faster and easier to implement, more unified and very flexible. It can be useful in small as well as in big and complex projects where chagnes are expensive. Using couple of components you can easily make objects that player can interact with and objects that can interact between each other. All that without intefaces.

The core element of Easy Interactions are Signals. They are chunks of information that can be sent and received by Signal Transciever component. There are various prebuild signal types, each containing different data - Void, Bool, Integer, Float, Name, Interaction, Vector, Transform etc. You can also easily create your own signal type.

Signal Transciever component makes sending and receiving signals between various blueprints a breeze. No more messing around with interfaces. Just add Signal Transciever component and you’re ready to go.

In addition you have Direct Interaction Component that makes player able to interact with your blueprints.

Trace Interactor component is core of player blueprint releasing you from tracing for interactive actors.

All components and examples are very customizable, well commented and fully described.

Wiki containing documentation:

Currently available on unreal engine marketplace:

Technical Details:

  • Blueprints: 19
  • Enums: 2
  • Macro libraries: 1
  • Structures: 1
  • Textures: 5
  • UMG: 1

List of features:

  • 5 components being core of Easy Interactions
  • 13 example blueprints to show different aspects of Easy Interactions
  • Sending and receiving various types of signals via wide range of functions
  • Easy way to add new signal types
  • Automatic traceing for interactive actors
  • Automatic detection of player aiming at interactive actor
  • Built in enabling/disabling direct interactions of interactive actor
  • Automated handling of displaying messages on player’s hud
  • 2D and 3D hud examples
  • Only one ticking component, rest communicates via events
  • Well commented, not cluttered graphs

Intended Platform - Every Platform
Tested Platform - Windows


BP_Button - Event graph:

BP_Door - Event Graph:

Examples part of showcase map:

Examples part of showcase map:

BP_PlayerCharacter - the only thing you need to support direct interactions:

Description of BP_Door:

Some of information displays in showcase map:

Great number of receiving and transmitting functions of Signal Transmitter component:

All in-game visible example blueprints using Easy Interactions:

hey there,
this seems to be a very usable system for interaction to me.
Maybe excact the one i am looking for :wink:
i am working on a point & click adventure in unreal engine 4. seeing your video i think it can handle all kind of puzzles for that kind of game. what do you mean ? and restrictions you can think about ?

few questions from me:

  • what about saving states.
    if i reenter a scene with these kind of interactions, are the states saved and when i reenter the scene after some time is everything still as it should, or is everything reset after leaving a scene.
  • does it work with multiple cameras ?
    i will have scenes with multiple camera views, even moving cameras and when the player comes to a specific point the camera will change, or it will follow the char.
    can i do that with your system ?
  • when will it be available and what will the price be for it ??

kind regards

Hey @stucki!
When it comes to saving states of some components (enabled/disabled, some changed properties…) i didn’t put any automation into that. It all depends on you. In various situations you could want different approach to it :wink: Every interaction happens instantly (one frame).
No component requires anything other than some other components from Easy interactions, so it does not care if you have one or thousand cameras :wink:
Easy Interactions is currently available on sellfy ( ). Epic Games also accepted it so I am waiting for it to show up on marketplace. In both places price is $24.99

thx for the detailed answers! though i have to admit, that i am a noob in programming… so i would not know how to save the states of the interactions in a file…
wouldnt it be a good addition to have them stored somewhere ?

i will definitely keep an eye on this. Once i got to the programming side of the game, i wil dive deeper into your system

The time has come! Easy Interactions is available on Unreal Engine Marketplace :slight_smile:

On Marketplace, link to documentation is broken. I wonder, maybe someone has docs saved somewhere somehow, and could share those? Thank You.