Easy hair?

Hey everyone

I have a game that needs several, but relatively simple character models for random person creation for a larger population.
Clothes/Bodies is easily and quickly randomized with a few base models, and random colors/materials. I have a face generation programs, that quickly generates a new head, which with different textures and skin colours also can produce a vast variety… but i am having sooo much problem with creating hair.

I can’t seem to create any semirealistic / semi-good looking hair relatively quick to import to UE4. I am using blender, where i have tried to create hair strands, and then baking them onto a plane, which i couldn’t get decent results from. I have seen tutorials where they duplicate several small planes with alpha masked hair strands on them, onto a face, but it seems like would take endless time creating different styles for each face. Then other tutorials show how to quickly create cartoony-styled hair, but that wouldnt go to well with the rest of the game’s style.

Are any of you aware of some sort of “Hair mesh bundles”, that’s just a simple mesh with a texture on it, and which, with some relatively quick adjustments in Blender, can be made to fit a head, and give a decent result?
Or another way, that’s time/cost efficient to create randomizeable hair.

Like said prevoiusly, it doesn’t have to be realistic AAA-type flowing hair. But something that comes across as decent when created with the right material (Etc. sims 2 hair, made with the materials UE4 is capable of)

Hope you have a brilliant idea, because i am tired of having a city of bald and hat wearing people walking around :slight_smile: