Easy first game to make?

I want to do something, I have a bunch of ideas, but I think my ideas may be a bit beyond me at the moment. I want to make a game that feels like a game, but give me the ability to practice things that I’ve learned, and hopefully learn new things as I go along. What first person games are simplest to accomplish? I still need to learn about things like level progression and what not, but I don’t think that should stop me from building individual levels and then linking them when I figure out how. I have an idea of doing a first person puzzle/platformer that will involve climbing and obviously puzzles. Maybe there’s something else out there that I haven’t considered?

I would look at old arcade style games, rather than first person ones. Games like Breakout, Space Invaders, 1942 etc are all good places to start for a first game and can be completed by a single person relatively quickly without too much experience.

Some oldies i would start with (i try to list them in order of growing complicity):

  • pong or arcanoid
  • space invaders
  • pacman
  • asteroids
  • montezuma’s revenge
  • boulder dash

If i was starting now i would start with pacman clone probably. It has all parts of more advanced games and yet it is still simple to create.
And do no try multiplayer as first project.

Or locate Community / Marketplace starter packs:

Adventure Kit / Space Shooter / Platformer etc.

Deconstructing packs is a fast track to learning game design.
Plus, you can use them a starting base to build your own game.

Overall I still think FPS is the probably the easiest game type…
However, maybe its not straightforward in UE4 as it was in UDK.