EASY FEATURE REQUEST - Blueprint view port drawing

This should be REALLY easy and would help A LOT, why not add a small pen in the blueprint editor so that you can add small drawings and symbols to blueprint diagrams, it would be so useful to - spot specific areas quickly - remember what was in your head during that time - make notes that have images (sometimes text isn’t enough)

If you consider that easy I am almost curious what you’d consider hard.

If you’re gonna make a new feature request, I believe the following are required:

  1. Make a proper post that’s organized(use lists) and goes in detail for each feature & is easily understandable … user-friendly.
  2. Include preview pictures with examples for each feature that also explain its usability (especially in your case)
  3. Add any additional details.

It’s always people coming here for the first time and trash throw some idea they just got into their head.

Useless feature tbh.
Doesnt provide any production value