Easy and beautiful inventory system

Hi, I am new to c++ language, but my past knowledge with Java I caught on pretty quickly. So after fiddling around with UE4 and learning it, I decided to start working on a project. I looked around the market place to see what’s it was lacking of, or something that’s needs to be re-worked. After a short search I decided that there needs to be a new inventory system with the easiest customer editing possible.

That inventory will consist of a item storage, the ability to add loot able inventories to any object, aswell as being able to pick up any item you scripted to be able to be picked up and we’ll as a right click action menu to drop a item, and being able to drag the item out of the inventory to drop it. Splitting item stacks, which you define the max item stack, you will shift right click and you choose the amount you would like to split it with. There will be a player menu which shows you what you character actually looks like in game. A health bar which by default says “player” but as the ability to be easily worked into a multiplayer naming which would grab what ever your players name is. And of course a hot bar system. Also a pause menu with a settings tab, resume tab, and quit tab which ends the game.

Let me know what you guys would like to see in this inventory system and I will try my best to implement all realistic inputs.

Pictures will be posted soon. As soon as I can get to my PC to post them.

Yes I agree this would be very nice to have and if you have all this it would be great and another thing to consider is adding a save feature to save some sort of game progress as I have noticed a very few samples of this.

Sounds good but the ARPG Inventory does most of these and its made with blueprint so you can easily adapt it.

I think the more the merrier :D, there are like 17 radial menu blueprints already on the marketplace and only 6 Inventories. We gotta beat those radial menu guys :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds great although currently the marketplace does not allow c++ submissions. You could always release it on your own site or something like gumroad/selfy though if you wanted to use c++ until they do.
I would also suggest taking a look at the existing Inventories that are available and see what you can make yours do better.