Easy AI Toolkit

Easy AI Toolkit

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This system does provide Easy AI component, that can be attached to any kind of actor class(not only pawns and characters)
that actor can directly start to navigate and use complex tasks and services.

System does have advanced path management that works for any type of grounded characters/actors or vehicles, it does finds path by navmesh and provides path data for any kind of custom movement system or locomotion, easily can be used to move any kind of actor, can used with custom navigation system for flying actors.

Component includes easy tool functions to destroy/clear/replace any AI controller and its data on the fly,
AI tree can pause/resume with latest instructions, or replace/switch tree easily at runtime.

System can destroy/clear AI controller to clean performance, by default AI controllers are persist in the world,
but easy AI component auto destroys them with actor, we can manually destroy and replace AI controllers.

Complex AI Builder Toolkit with easy usage, greatly simplifies any AI building process.
As single base component is very easy to use, many editable variables and features included.
Better task/service management, build up any complex trees and switch them at runtime.
Provides advanced path/navigation logic, with custom path data and instructions.
Ready to use with any existing actors and characters, easily fits to any kind of actors.
Includes bonus systems as examples, strategic selection/squads/factions/resource/time manage, etc.
Can be used for any project type where Artificial Intelligence is needed, does fits any project genre.

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