Eastern Fur Carpets for UE4 Marketplace

Hi guys

I was working on making best looking carpet for UE4 marketplace for the last couple of weeks to be used on architecture and video game with low resource demanding and here is my final result , i 'm kind of happy with the result so what do you guys think ? . it will have 14 eastern carpet + 6 seamless modern one with +4 shape .i will put the price 10$ as its not a game play important even it took a lot of time to make but hopefully people will be happy about it .

You opinion is really appreciated . and for any update regarding this i will post it in my page so pls check it if you are interested . Redirecting...





I want it. Now.
Looks great.
Nice work.

Thanks mate such feedback really give me motivation to make it better as last time i worked on a project for two months but UE marketplace team rejected it so now this one was my ultimate work till now so hopefully it will be accepted and i will make sure to add more feature and update .

Nice carpets ! :wink:

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lol that picture made my day .

Unfortunately UE market team rejected my submission due to “We currently have a lot of assets on the marketplace in this category” and i don’t get it as i never seen carpets with such texture in the MP and from my point of view it have more detail and higher quality than the one we saw in "realistic render project " but anyway seems all the works gone with the wind .

I have uploaded it to https://sellfy.com/p/53qB if anyone interested . if the link is not allowed to be shared here pls tell me i will delete it .