Easter Special, download all assets for 3 months for just $35 for the first 40 customers

Easter special $35 for the first 40.
This purchase allows you to download all content from the site for 3 months and use royalty free in your games, with no further payments to arteria.

Once payment is made, you will gain access to the arteria members download area.

Product Page to purchase

<<you mean Customisable Character?

Upon Paypal payment i get stuck here…


Notice the error message, “We’re not shipping to Germany”

And when you change your shipping address … Sorry, we don’t ship to United States

I like how the URL says “2-month-membership-easter-special”

but then the offer is for 3 :L

Apologies with this.

All fixed now… use the following NEW LINK:
And yes, its for 3 months

Works now, thanks.

Great, thanks for your support.