Easing curves In & Out in Sequencer

Is there any way to adjust the Ease In & Out distribution of a transform altogether (location & rotation) without having to adjust the six curves independently?

I’m not talking about selecting and moving multiple curves in a single (absolute) direction, but moving the Ease In & Out frame (relative) distribution.

If you change the section range of your Transform section from being infinite, you can hold down ctrl and drag the left edge to adjust the blending. You should see a curve appear and then the right click menu will have options like this:

Here’s some docs on blending multiple sections, not exactly what you’re asking for, but there’s some info there about how to change the section from being infinite:

Hi Max,

I don’t see any Is Infinite option under the CameraComponent → Transform → Properties (4.26). Am I missing something?

Yeah, that’s a bit out of date unfortunately.

Click the lock buttons on the Section Range Start and End. When it is locked, the range is infinite. When it’s unlocked, it’s finite and you can specify the exact frame ranges that this section will be evaluated in.

Thanks Max, cool feature. I’m not sure I understand the usage. When I set Options → Easing → Linear over an already linear Transform, the resulting keyframes actually ramp up speed instead or remain linear (evenly distributed). I did this just as a baseline to understand the behavior.

As if, the XY curve chart represents an always increasing “Speed & Time” instead of the expected “FrameNumber & Time”. So, the curve presets control how fast the speed increases instead of how the frames are distributed across timeline.