Easily editing class components in editor

Hi all,

I’m still working on my plain old door, for those who have been around my other questions.
I’ve now come to what I think is more of a conception problem than code, but it’s still all about doing things with c++.

So what I’m trying to achieve is a tool to easily config doors / elevators in a level, and add small things so that a Stargate Iris can rapidly create (that is just an example).

Of course, my framework contains several components (one trigger box at the moment, but possibly several when it’ll be in “elevator mode”), the static mesh for the moving part, etc. At first I had everything as components of one actor, but I was bothered with the fact that components could not be easily edited (especially the trigger box). I changed it a little, and have 2 actors atm : the door “handler”, and the door itself. That way someone can easily move the door in the editor.

However, I’d like the user to be able to edit the trigger box in the same manner. And possibly add transforms that the user can move to set the start / end positions of the door. If I keep doing like I’ve been doing, that would mean one new actor per functionnality that I have to child with the “handler”, and that is very tedious. Moreover, I cannot easily copy/paste a door I have configured.

Here’s what I have atm :

As you can see, box trigger and door handler are a whole thing while the moving door part is another actor, so I cannot for instance “select” the box trigger and move it easily on the screen. My only option is to change its transform values.

Any hint on how I should go on ? I don’t mind rewriting everything as long as I know I’m heading the right way.