Easily Change Sprite Pivot Points?

Gif Example of (left) intended behavior and (right) default behavior: http://imgur.com/QdPVxG1

I’m trying to set up custom pivot points for my sprites from a sprite sheet, Do you just have to manually adjust the numbers until you guess the coordinates you want? I figure I must be doing something wrong since it seems like there should be a way to just click where on the sprite to pivot from… is there?

As it is, I just keep changing each frame of my imported sprites to get the same place on the unit despite varying image sizes (due to animation of weaponry) but each frame from the sheet only keeps the Y coordinate the same and the X keeps going higher and higher to find the middle, making it constant guesswork to find that same place on the actor as the images progress! (Example in Attached Images)

If there’s any easier way to set pivot points manually than entering coordinates at (near) random until I get to the point I want, please let me know!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you found an answer yet? I’m wondering the same thing as I have 50+ sprites with custom pivot points and no easy way to set them…

Not that I recall, sadly :frowning:

The only quality of life element I found was that if you set the Pivot point to something other than the default before switching it to custom, (Like Centre-Left then custom) it will fill in the coordinates in the custom box, so you won’t need to reenter them from 0,0 each time at least…

Though since this is such an old thread, you could try posting something similar to this one again in hopes that more people see it and answer that one!

I don’t know how much this will help much I was looking for a solution myself when stumbling upon this thread. I popped back into Unreal 4 and ended up finding something.

If you select all the sprites in a particular set (example: a walking animation) in the Content Browser, you can then Right Click the selected sprites. Go to “Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix…”. A new window will pop up. From here you can go to the panel on the right and hit the Sprite drop down. Change the Pivot Mode to whatever you need and save.

If you’re using the Custom Pivot like I see in the screenshot, this should allow you to find one coordinate and then bulk change all of the Pivots to be the same without doing it individually. Like I did. Before I found this tool right after I was done doing it individually. Oye.

That’s a really good tip! I’ve more recently been just using sprites that have enough whitespace on either side to avoid needing to do this. I’ve mostly been using Bulk Edit Via Property Matrix for things like RGB curve colour correction after importing sprites, but it would definitely help for this sort of thing, at least as long as the sprites all started at the same coordinates and needed to be moved a similar amount!

It seems like importing them as individual animation frames, rather than as a full sheet will keep all images with a base coordinate of 0,0 rather than each one increasing the coordinates as I mentioned in my first post.

I just want to bump this thread. Just to clarify for people wandering in, what is happening is the Custom Pivot Points are being set relative to the sprite sheet itself, rather then the individual sprites. This means if you want to set the SAME relative custom pivot for all the sprites you have to calculate it yourself and do it manually, which honestly feels like a bug, or at the very least an huge design oversight.

This kind of stuff is why I would recommend abandoning UE for Unity if I was doing a 2D game.

Also, I am using the matrix, but if you set all the offsets to the same value, they get increasingly offset.