Easiest way to parent and unparent objects in sequencer?

Hi guys!
I am a beginner.
Let’s say, In sequencer I have animated an empty actor. I have 2 cameras.
-I want to parent CAM-A to the empty from frame-range 1 to 10.
-CAM-A stops/gets unparented at frame 10.
-CAM-B gets parented at frame 10 till 20.

How would I go about this transition in the sequencer?
Sorry but I couldn’t find a simple answer anywhere. There were some but they were implemented real-time with blueprints not in sequencer.

I have some background in maya and I am essentially looking for is an option/tool that functions like a “Parent constraint” where I could keyframe the “Constraint weight” (0 = unparented). OR maybe a different approach via BP by defining rules.

Sorry if it’s answered somewhere else already and thanks in advance!

what about attach track?

As mentioned, an attach track is best to use and there are a few attach options.