Easiest way for adding crowd or traffic?

Is there any plugin,blueprint,tutorial in forum/marketplace for adding a simple walking crowd of people or moving cars for a fly-through arch-viz project? I search a lot and find the solutions kinda too technical.



I don’t know any out of the box easy solutions - making a crowd of people is going to require getting models of people, creating or getting animations, and then creating an AI or path around to simulate walking.

Try looking at Mixamo for free models and animations.

No easy solutions, but the results would awesome.

Yes But I don’t mean models and animations. I can import those easily. What I mean is creating a simple ai path for those to move on.

Check out Anima from AXYZ Design. They are in the works of releasing support for Unreal.

Really? That would be great. But where is this news?

I guess this link was meant Using the Anima plugin for Unreal Engine «

Moreover I’m currently working on a procedural zombie horde/crowd like we saw in Days Gone. More information will follow during the next days in this thread
[Plugins] WIP Horde Framework - Unreal Engine Forums

I had a quick look at the marketplace. Have a look if you didn’t already search there and decided they won’t work for you. I haven’t tried any of them.