Easiest / cheapest way to package for mac?

Hi, everyone.

From what I’ve read in the documentation and on this and other forums, the only way to package for Mac is to install the engine on a mac and build from there – okay, makes sense. I don’t have a machine I can do that on – do I have any alternative to buying a new computer if I want to package my project for Mac OS?

You can rent a Mac on Amazon for a day. (The minimum time they have to charge you for, according to Apple licensing, is one day.)

The M1 ones only have 16 GB of RAM, though, so builds may be slow. The x64 based ones have 32 GB RAM.

Ah, thanks, exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. If you know of any good tutorials for this, would love a recommendation, otherwise will probably be able to find something on youtube or such.

What would be ideal really is a more comprehensive practical guide for small teams for how to set up build pipelines for all common platforms, but I haven’t seen anything like that. This has definitely been the biggest roadblock for me starting out.