Easiest and Best Way for Simple Missions

Hi Community

I wanted to ask what is the easiest and what is the best way to create a linear mission with tasks and triggers. Googled a long time and I found not so much and very different things, but mostly a lot more complicated then needed. C++ would be ok but a state machine I think would be to much. Maybe there is a way to work with the Blackboard? Thanks a lot in advance!

Well if you did it with blueprints you could, for example, put a trigger over a key to unlock a door but have no trigger on the door. Then when you interact with the trigger to pick up the key, have the trigger on the door show up so you can interact with it to open it. If that makes sense, you could do the same with missions, it may be a little bit of work, but should work.

My take, would be to extrude it out and think of it in a way that you could make it into a modular system.

Why? Ease of use later on. Even if it takes a bit more to implement.

Think of a somewhat universal scenario and variables that you would require on a step by step basis.

So you have mission -> current step

Each step needs a goal.
completing all goals completes the mission.

If you want to go the step further I would let all of the settings for those missions be read off additional packed text or csv sheets. So you can later on create an editor or easily add missions…

The bigger issue you will have is defining the types of objectives.
getting from a to b
delivering items
Talking to people
Killing people
Helping people
collecting stuff.

Doing this case by case is no doubt easier at first, but as your game develops it gets harder when you don’t have linear levels / objectives.
You end up needing a quest log and a quest system, which is exactly what I’m suggesting I suppose.

Thanks a lot for your answers! So as it will be only a linear gameplay and coop/networking (what I didn’t mentioned before but might be important…sry my bad) it would be best to do a sequence in BP as GameState I suppose? Are there any materials to learn from Unreal it self?

I don’t think I have seen anything on game-play or even dialogue/narration sequencing.

What I have done during the jam - since there wasn’t even time to think, was to create Gates operate them by bool variables which get triggered depending on different events.


Probably Not the best solution, but you could transform the whole thing into a function (if you don’t need timelines and delays! if you need a delay you can’t use a function).

Replication for co-op/networking is harder on this.
You would have those sequences server side and triggered by player events. I don’t have enough experience with that to propose solutions for it…

Thanks. Needs to be replicated and since clients have direct access to GameState I will try as I said with GameState BP. Hope that works :stuck_out_tongue:

When you ask people for suggestions you’re going to end up with just as many options as you found in your google searches lol

@coalminds the thing is that I didn’t really found something :frowning: