Easier way to select collision volumes in the editor?

I have an actor that has just a simple box collision component. After being placed into the world in the editor, it is impossible to select this actor again unless you click exactly on one of the lines that make up the box collision component (see screen shot below). So you either have to zoom right in to click on it or find it in the scene outliner to select it. It is such a hassle, especially when you have a lot of them and need to make adjustments to a number of them.

In game, the player can easily select one of these actors as you can just test what is under the cursor and the box collision registers with the line trace for the mouse while in game. How can I have this same functionality in the editor. I would like to be able to detect the box collision component under my mouse in the editor so I can click to select it without having to put the mouse over one of the lines. Is this possible?