Easier Way to Animate Morph Targets in Level Sequencer?

Hello everyone,

Does Unreal Engine let you animate morph targets in the Level Sequencer?

I saw the thread about using Animation Blueprint to animate the morph targets. But it’s a pain in the **** when you have too many morphs to edit.

Would be nice if the sequencer just let us select a morph as one of the tracks in the level sequencer.

Any other plugins?

Ok, I think I figured it out.

You have to add the Skeletal Mesh and then the FKControlRig track. Seems like it lists all the morph retargets after the Skeletal bones o.O

Ok, the FKControlRig track does let you keyframe the morphs but then the Animation track doesn’t work. You could bake Animation to the FKControlRig track but it’s a bit slow and not as flexible as the Animation track.

BPs might be the only way but it’s weird that these common sense features don’t exist -__-